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Unleash your digital wisdom

Zenfetch helps you leverage all the information you've saved including articles, PDFs, and youtube videos.

How it works


Save anything by clicking the Zenfetch icon.


Access all your saved content from your dashboard or chrome extension.


Search or chat with your knowledge base at any time.

Interactive knowledge base

Dive into meaningful conversations with your saved content, extracting information, validating thoughts, or brainstorming ideas.

Capture Diverse Content

Whether it's newsletters, Google docs, blogs, YouTube videos, forums, or PDFs, Zenfetch has you covered.

AI-Powered Chat

Rediscover forgotten gems without remembering the specifics.

Summarize Everything

Whether it's a lengthy article or video, Zenfetch creates effective summaries that capture the essence of the content.

Activate Zenfetch
and enhance your browsing

Lean on GPT-4's prowess for crisp summaries and interactive conversations. Plus, daily recap emails to cement your learnings.

Use Zenfetch to learn, remember, and achieve more.

No credit card required.

Capture & Interact

Neural Search

Search across your knowledge without having to remember specific wording.

Daily Email Recap

Remember everything you read with summaries and takeaways that capture the context you need.

Works Everywhere You Browse

Zenfetch integrates seamlessly with your browser, allowing you to capture insights as you browse.



Zenfetch for Chrome supports

News platforms
Google Docs
Social media
Youtube videos
And more!



Zenfetch Premium delivers an expanded suite of features designed to optimize your online knowledge base

Article and video capture
AI-powered summaries
Daily email recaps
Centralized dashboard
Advanced AI-driven search
Customizable filters
Enhanced content summaries
AI-powered topic
time-based organization
Extra customization options
AI chat with your knowledge base
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